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The Initial Session

Most of the time, brows are a two step process. The first step to the process is the initial session/appointment. This appointment is to determine shape, size, and color. We prefer to keep the initial appointment very conservative. we believe less is more when it comes to permanent makeup/micropigmentation. You can add but you absolutely can’t take away. This first step is to see how your skin reacts, heals and how your skin holds pigment.

Step by Step Process

  • First, we have you fill the consent forms then begin to discuss your brows natural shape and your brow inspo. We then discuss your skin type, your lifestyle so we can pick what will ideally heal and age the best for you.

  • Then we have you lay down for photos (for insurance purposes and/or for marketing purposes if you allow us to do so).

  • Then, we begin mapping your brows. We spend approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour mapping/shaping your brows. During this time, we ask that you limit the amount of conversation, as most people tend to move a lot while speaking, and our mapping method requires precise measurements tailored to your face. We take into account your facial anatomy, symmetry, brow inspiration, and how you naturally fill in your brows. If your brows are very asymmetrical, this will be taken into consideration, and we will discuss where to remove hairs to achieve better balance. For clients with highly asymmetrical brows, our goal is to achieve as close to symmetry as possible. We will offer our expert opinion, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide the level of upkeep you're comfortable with.

  • Clients get full approval on shape and color. This is permanent on your face please be picky about it, do not feel like you will offend us by not liking something. Your comfortability and satisfaction is our number one priority.

  • The outline/mapping will appear darker and bolder than how it will look after the procedure. This is a hard outline, so we know exactly where to stay within. The fronts may appear very boxy if you are getting microblading/nano or fusion, but remember that this area will have spaced-out strokes that mimic life-like hairs. Strokes in the front will always appear longer initially than when they heal. They shorten about 30-50% once healed

  • After we have mapped out your perfect shape, we will then examine your natural brow hair color and skin undertone to determine the most natural-looking color for you. We will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions before we get started.

  • If you are getting microblading, we will use a topical numbing agent to numb the area for 15-20 minutes before starting. If you are getting nano/fusion brows, we will first outline the tails and body of the brow to achieve a crisp outline before numbing. This process DOES NOT HURT. Clients often say it's less uncomfortable than threading or waxing, with some describing it as a baby scratch. However, everyone's tolerance for pain is different. Once the outline is complete, we will numb you before proceeding further into the procedure. For Powder/Ombré brows, we do the outline and the first pass of shading without numbing to ensure a crisp outline and better color retention. This might be more uncomfortable than the other brow procedures, but it ensures the best color retention.

  • Once the numbing is complete, we will continue with the procedure. Multiple passes are required to achieve the right amount of color saturation so that the brows appear even, soft, and natural when healed. Secondary numbing will be applied as needed to ensure your comfort throughout the entire procedure.

  • Once we are close to finishing both brows, we may sit you up to check for symmetry and make any necessary changes, as well as to let you take a look at them.

  • After we are all finished, you will be the first to see them before we conclude the procedure. It's normal for the brows to appear bolder, darker, slightly swollen, and a bit warm directly after the procedure.

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